Imaging and Astrophotography

Some of these really cross multiple categories, but that is to be expected. I'm focusing on picture-taking these days, but I've got other stuff on the web site and these sites are the same way.

Also, astrophotography once meant film, but now the term is used for anything that results in pretty pictures following the general trend in photography where a digital camera still produces photographs. I think the trend is more that imaging is a bit more technical or even science related, but who knows where the language will go.

  • Astronomy Boy — Jeff DeTray has some wonderful pictures of constellations he has taken with his barn-door tracker. His site is full of tips on how to construct your own tracker.
  • QuickCam and Unconventional Astronomical Imaging — Focuses on the use of webcams for astronomy. Need specs on what your webcam can do? If anyone associated with astrocam has used one, you'll find it here.
  • Christian Buil — This is home to Iris, information on building a spectrograph, a CCD camera, and more.
  • Astronomy and Webcam Adapter — Steve Mogg's webcam adapters let you plug the webcam right into the eyepiece holder for prime focus imaging. Unfortunately, he's out of this business now, but the basic reason is that there are now cheaper and higher quality options for video astronomy and no one actually buys web cams any more....