Roland Robert's Home Page

Once upon a time I had a home page. Well, sort of. It was really just a collection of information mostly about some PHP programming tools I put together. At this point, my "home" page is simple a jumping off point for that information. If you came here due to an old link that was supposed to take you directly to class.rFastTemplate.php information, you're only one click away; follow the link below.

Once upon a time, I also had a page with a PHP photoalbum "kit" based on class.rFastTemplate. I've dumped that since it was (1) hopelessly out-of-date, and (2) didn't scale well for large numbers of photos and albums, and (3) aren't you already using Flikr? or Gallery2? I switched to using Gallery2 early in 2006 and I'm not looking back.

The examples are no longer here because they require knowledge about where some of the files live in the local filesystem, something not easily done with a content management system.  That's not a problem with rFastTemplate, only with the examples.  Once I have them moved to another location, I'll reestablish links to them.