Stargazing in Shore Road Park (Cancelled due to Weather)

Event Cancelled due to Clouds/Rain.

Yes, again. The past few years, TV Turnoff Week and stargazing have not worked too well due to a string of bad weather. The clouds are not expected to clear out and the local forecasters are all mentioned that we won't get to see the "super moon" tonight. Nor much of anything else except cloud bottoms.

The original announcement is below, but again, the event is cancelled.

Once again, I'll be hosting a stargazing event in Shore Road Park as part of P.S. 102's TV Turn-off Night. The event is scheduled from 8:30-10:00 pm on Saturday, May 5th. Even before 8:30, Venus will be easily visible in the evening sky. Look carefully and try to imagine what's happening as Venus orbits around the Sun, it will be moving closer to the Sun in the next month so that later on the afternoon of June 5, it will pass in front of (transit) the face of the Sun. The next time this event will happen won't be for another 105 years!

Join us in Shore Road Park near the ball fields (map below).

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