Session 2B: More Orion

Well, this is being written as a retrospective since I just came back from the session. The handout for Orion is attached; there are three pages, the first is a star chart printed with Starry NIght Pro 6 showing the constellation outline and with the stars all labelled. There are also several nebula indicated by outlines. Nebula are "clouds" (the Latin word literally means "cloud") of dust and gas. Some of these glow due to nearby stars which heat them. Other glow from reflected light, and some do not glow at all.

The second page is taken from the book Uranometria, originally published by Johan Bayer in 1603 as a set of copperplate engravings. His illustration of Orion was both artistic and state-of-the-art as far as star charts go.

The third page has all of the named stars in Orion listed which a few brief facts about them and the origin of their names. Because of time, the children spent only a short time coloring the picture which they took home. We'll talk more about Orion next time and spend a little time on question and ansnwers.