Life in the Fast Lane?

I don't think I'm actually in the fast lane, but it sort of feels like it. The past month has had me away for two weeks, one with the Cub Scouts in Alpine, NJ and another at the Summer Star Party in Savoy, MA. Between that and being in physical therapy three days each week since the shoulder surgery at the end of April, time is passing too quickly and I can't keep up. Fortunately, most of our bills are in autopay mode, so the only bad thing happening is that too much paperwork is piling up and not being recorded and filed.

The big catch-up tasks for this week are getting some of that paperwork done, getting the photos from the vacation posted, getting rid of some junk in the basement (anyone looking for a 19-inch, 35U, 30-inch deep equipment rack, very nice with vented Lexan front door and steel mesh rear door), and lastly and most intimidating, getting ready for the next school year.

You would think that last item would not be a big concern, but I'm in the middle of the one-year grant from the APS for doing the Teaching Physics with Toys program and the unplanned shoulder injury, surgery, and recovery has definitely cramped my schedule. I need to finish this out through early December and get a report put together with what we did and how it worked out. My longer-term goal of getting HeartShare to take over this program may be in jeopardy if I don't execute this well. I want the children to have something which is both fun and educational. It would be easy to just plug through the activity list, but that's not the point. Hence the trepidation as the resumption of school approaches.

Somewhere in there I'd like to try to sneak a little time for actually doing some astronomy....