Science Resources for Teachers

Today I am at jury duty here in King's County.  That means, for now anyway, that I'm waiting for my name to be called while the machinations of justice do their thing somewhere else in the building.  But the court system has moved into the modern age, at least in some ways, like providing free wifi here in the jury assembly room.  So I can catch up on a little reading from the National Science Teachers Assocation (NSTA) elementary level mailing list.

Among the recent questions was one asking for feedback on which of several activity-based lessons, e.g., FOSS, STC, and others, people liked the most.  Specifically, which lessons, since each curriculum seems to have "winners" and "losers" among its lesson plans.  One member pointed to BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services), which is a New York thing and, best of all, has plans on the web at  I like free Smile.  Although, to be fair, all of them still require to spend money on supplies, but at least having the plans readable makes it easy for someone like me, who is not in formal education, to get a feel for what is there before I try it.