Trying to get the Mayor's attention

For the past (almost) two months, I've been trying to get a response from the Mayor's office regarding the New York bill A7404/S4474, The Healthy, Safe and Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Act. It's seeming like a lost cause.

I originally wrote on March 7th, on behalf of SELENE ( One April 4th, I contacted the Mayor's Correspondence Unit. They had no record of the letter and requested I fax them a copy. How the letter got lost between the Wall Street Post Office, where I had dropped it in the box inside, and City Hall is a mystery. Nonetheless, I faxed another copy and called back the next day. They confirmed it's receipt and told me to give it 7--10 days.

On the theory those was business days and that a day or two of grace would be in order due to the holidays of Easter and Passover, I called back on April 20th. They confirmed that I was due for a response and asked me to give until "at least next week." So, today I called back. Again, they agreed I should have received a response by the 18th, but since it was late in the day (4:20pm), could I please call back tomorrow. They also suggested then when the letter went out, as this one did, to their state legislative affairs person that it could take longer than normal to get a response.