Lyra: The Harp


Object: Lyra
Location: Savoy, MA
Observer: Roland Roberts
Time: 2002-Aug-08
Camera: Pentax K1000, 50 mm f/1.4 lens
Film: Kodak Elite Chrome II, ISO 200
Exposure: 30 min @ f/2.8
PWP gradient removal, midtone boost, curves.
GIMP overlay

Technical Notes

This field shows some of the limitations to shooting as fast as possible. First, there is some minor vignetting in the corners. This is not noticeable in daytime photography or even in a lot of astrophotography. It is apparent here in part because of the presence of the Milky which makes this a very rich area. Second, there is some lens distortion at the corners. I'm not sure what this particular aberration is called, but the stars start to look like little crescents. At f/2.8, it is just barely visible (at the larger scales), but it prevents the image from being used in for, say 16x20 prints; 8x10s, maybe.