Image Gallery

Here I have collected some of my imaging attempts. I'm reluctant to say that I have "organized" them, but that is the intent.

Technical Information 

Image sizes have been selected to fit inside a box 800x800 pixels.  The side effect is that your display needs to be at least 1024 pixels wide and will work better with larger sizes.  Due to a current (as of 2006-09-05) limitation of the gallery management software, the actual images inserted as their original size and shrunk by your browser.  That means the download to your browser is longer than it should be.  Clicking on an image will, in general, take you to the photo gallery of which that image is a part.  From there, you can view different versions/sizes of the images and download them as well.  If you wish to use any of my images in your own collection, please see my copyright page.